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reproductive psychiatry

Reproductive psychiatry is a growing field that focuses on treating and optimizing the mental health of women through their reproductive life cycle. Women experience significant hormonal shifts premenstrually, in pregnancy, postpartum, and during menopause; these hormonal and life transitions often come with disruptions to emotional well-being.  

I commonly work with women who:

  • who are, or planning to become pregnant and have questions about the reproductive safety of psychotropic medications

  • want a psychiatrist with perinatal expertise to support their mental health throughout preconception, pregnancy and into the postpartum stage

  • are experiencing new onset physical and emotional changes premenstrually, perinatally, or during perimenopause

  • are struggling with issues around fertility, loss, reproductive trauma, identity, and role transitions


There are unique principles to caring for the mental health of women during the reproductive years that are complex and require specialized knowledge.



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